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Eli Boutique Hotel & Beach Resort

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Welcome to Eli Boutique Hotel and Beach Resort, the unique and delightful experience you have always imagined awaits you! The perfect choice for those looking for hotel and adventure in Ghana. Located at Tegbi-Aklamanstse, on a lush, private island amid verdant tropical foliage with its iconic palm trees standing tall against the brilliant blue sky, the view is fresh and green and the air crackles with possibility. Each of our 50 redesigned rooms offers vibrant ocean views and plush, all-new interiors. Reach a new level of relaxation at Our ultramodern Spa as the harmony of our professional therapists synchronizes with blend of herbs and minerals leaving you pampered and rejuvenated..

Eli Boutique Hotel

Eli Boutique Hotel

This stylish hotel immerses well-toned culture buffs in arts and designs inspired by the beautiful Keta community. It has fabulous warm and stylish interiors that echo with a combination of traditional and contemporary flair...
Eli Beach Resort

Eli Beach Resort

This is a luxury beachfront holiday destination overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! It is home to a wide stretch of spoilt sandy beach and turquoise water along the serene Keta coastline. A paradise that delivers a romantic getaway and impeccable hospitality to meet your every need.

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